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Author Interview With Shekhar Bhatt interviewed on Aug 31, 2019 Kathgodam India

Author Interview With Shekhar Bhatt

interviewed on Aug 31, 2019Kathgodam India

Q. How would you describe yourself? 
Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt, a black belt in karate and an authority in Yoga has developed a unique system for fitness combining Yoga and Karate known as Vajramukti. Says Dr Bhatt “the benefits of Vajramukti are manifold besides helping in metaphysical endeavors; the techniques help contain many diseases and even have sexual benefits".
Dr Chandra Shekhar has named this art Vajramukti which means action to liberation
Chronicle Pharmabiz Asia
Q. What place does writing hold in your life, how has been your writing journey so far? 
Writing is like flowing in my life. Whatever happens in life affecting my being I like to scribble it and then present to the world for helping mankind.
Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them. 
Who am I? Its a philosophical talks between me and my father here i am giving an extract of that book Extracts from the book Who am I? Philosophical talks between Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt and his father Pundit Tarashrikrishna Bhatt in the form of svetaketu Upanishad

Shekhar Tell me about reincarnation and your master's way about renunciation. When I had told you about mother’s love. You told me about unearthly love, explain me about this love.

Pitaji, here is the dialogue from Hindu scriptures to explain reincarnation between king and the learnt man BhantoNagasena : does rebirth takes place without anything transmigrating or passing over?
Yes your majesty, a man were light a light from another light, pray, would the one light have passed over (transmigrated) to the other light?
No, verily Bhanto
In exactly the same way, Your Majesty does rebirth takes place without anything transmigrating
Give another illustration
Do you remember, Your Majesty, having learnt, when you were a boy, some verse or other from your professor of poetry?
Yes Bhanto
Pray, Your Majesty. Did the verse pass over (transmigrate) to you from your teacher?
No, verily, Bhanto
In exactly the same way, your Majesty does rebirth take place without anything transmigrating.
BhantoNagasena, said the king, what it is that is born into the next existence.
Your Majesty, said the elder. It is name and form that is born into the new Existence.

My master never advocates the path of renunciation he says you live in the world, perform all the worldly duties yet try to remain detached.
Within these karmic entanglements we have to find our way for knowing who we are.
Real yoga
Yoga is often reduced to the asana alone just as martial arts are often reduced to only aerobic kicking and punching. The deeper meanings beneath the underlying philosophies are usually lost. While many of today's instructors struggle to maintain an air of tradition in their health club classrooms, the main marketing motivation for many of those clubs is the vain pursuit of a higher butt. While this might be a supplementary bonus, imagine Bodhidharma's reaction. This is most evident in cross training. Yoga is said to compliment martial arts and vice versa. In its actuality, both yoga and martial arts are complete systems. Study either one thoroughly and there is no need of anything else. The concept of complimentary training implies that there is a deficit. But after a thousand of years of research and development, neither yoga nor kung fu has any gaps to be filled. Both disciplines offer a fulfilling lifetime quest; all that need be done is that you pursue it for a lifetime. It is only our MTV- driven attention span that makes us move to the next thing before truly engaging the previous one. There have been some hybrids of kung fu and yoga-like 'Shaolin yoga' designed to catch our attention with the promise of filling the two 'needs' at once. For the most part, these mongrel schools are really marketing ploys, not actual innovation. Both compound the issue. As a matter of fact, there is already an eastern fusion of yoga to martial arts that completely omits Bodhidharma. The modern Indian master Chandra Shekhar Bhatt is an exponent of a hybrid of martial arts and yoga known as v a j r a m u k t I he has had enough of a following to publish books, but you would have to go all the way to Bombay to train with him.

Tao of Electricity
Traveling in “vijaydoot” the name of a product carrier ship, when we entered at Bengal harbor at Netaji Subhash dock going through the river seeing the greenness and people over there, years had passed after British invasion and industrial revolution but the greenness still remains, children’s playing, small huts people living in, still the beauty remains. The soul is there.But there in France when we were heading to Rouen, going from the river the same conditions prevailing, lands water greenery but more sophisticated. At France I was thinking with all modern amenities there is something missing later on I realized it was soul light of soulDue to the effects of wars and invasions resulting poverty the houses are small huts in Calcutta harbor, but advanced houses or huts with glassed doors the cars parked outside everything looking attractive at France.As we enter inside the houses became more prominent, the technology was superb, but at what cost of humanity and colonial extraction One side of the world had lost to poverty the other side is growing; it takes me back to the time when people from distant part used to come to India to learn at NALANDA and various books had been written on appreciation on the technology. They were doing surgery also at Nalanda but only if there wasn’t any other alternative, they believed in being with the nature, using natural herbs as medicine preparing it in natural way and being aware about all the herbs and plants and trees, talking with them, there were mantras being used at the time of breaking leaves or even wood from the trees, they used to request the plant and pray that we are taking it for the medicine or for prayer.There were even times fixed for breaking leaves one has to go through the descriptive calculated calendars as per astrology and astronomy. I used to discuss these things with my friends Unni, Mathews, thawal and my Chinese friend Yu Chu. Tao of Electricity is a journey towards unknown from material to metaphysics
Vajramukti yoga: zen& martial arts.Probing in deeper subtle worlds by dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt
Vajramukti’s stress on inner tranquility forms the basis of relief from stress-related diseases of modern life the proverb the perfect swordsman avoids quarreling or fighting…the best thing is to be a victor without fighting. Chinese proverb for a layman, meditation and martial arts may be poles apart, a yogi and a karateka may be two different species. But for dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt these are two sides of same coin bhatt a leading exponent of yoga and a black belt in karate has evolved a new system called vajramukti, a combination of yoga meditation and martial arts. Vajramukti means from action to liberation. This system helps a practitioner physically mentally emotionally and spiritually, works in prevention and rehabilitation in many diseases. Vajramukti can cure a number of ailments like varicose veins blood pressure diabetes chronic constipation excessive fats stress-related diseases arising from day to day functioning the fundamental idea of vajramukti is to make human being exist in an atmosphere of awareness. Rid of all conditioning. Its central idea revolves around living from moment to moment because life is to be lived in the present. Our minds generally preoccupied with the past and future prevent us from living in the present, prevents us from appreciating what is. This lack of consciousness can cause a lack of happiness and peace. But one question which arises in the mind of a layman is how the seemingly irreconcilable systems like martial arts and yoga can combine to provide a viable system for a healthy mind and a healthy body. According to dr Bhatt, the aims of martial arts and yoga are not very different. Both move in the same direction. Both help in creating more awareness, both ultimately strive for inner realization. Many Chinese martial arts believe that the systematic approach to fighting begins in china early in the 6th-century ad. Their belief is based on the legend of the Indian monk Bodhidharma who came to sanghsheen in china and taught a more direct approach to Buddhism including long hours of static meditation. To help them withstand long hours of meditation. He taught them breathing techniques also stipulated exercises to help them develop both the strength and ability to defend themselves in remote mountainous areas where they lived. Many Chinese and Japanese martial arts are thought to have evolved from this tradition. According to some Chinese martial arts masters, it was Bodhidharma who introduced into china the notion of wute or martial virtue, which encompasses the quality of restraint, discipline, humility, and respect. Prior to Bodhidharma's arrival, Chinese martial arts were trained primarily to fight and were prone to bully weaker people. But wute propounded that the martial arts were really meant to promote health and spiritual development. Dr. Bhatt echoes similar ideas in his forthcoming book on vajramukti he says that martial art is for the coordination of mind and body and not for street fighting. A roadside thug can teach anyone the basics of street fighting but it is only a real master who can teach martial arts. He says “when we are angry, we start clinging to anger and some chemicals are released into the bloodstream. We have created a situation where we will either fight or escape. If this anger is creatively used, we can work miracles,” he writes the body follows the dictates of the mind. The mind interprets someone as a friend or foe. When there is no friend or enemy, a higher path is opened before us. Awareness expands. Such a mind works from a space of total awareness. It is committed to nonviolence and love. It is only when one is calm and tranquil that one can observe life as it is. Vajramukti is a system that operates from a very high level of awareness. It refines body and mind; it also acts as a preventive and cure for many ailments. Through vajramukti one becomes aware of even cells, muscles and tendons. Indian Express newspaper Mumbai why fights, wars, conflicts happen.

Is martial art necessary to learn by Dr Chandra Shekhar bhatt 
Martial arts for world peace
Dr Chandra shekhar bhatt speaks for world peace through his nonviolent form of martial arts known as Vajramukti


Express news service Mumbai BY Indian Express prestigious
Indian news paper

Spectacular kicks awesome punches, breathtaking acrobats and fearsome yells—scenes associated with martial arts, courtesy the big screen and blockbuster hits such as enter the dragon. Bruce lee and men of his elk did much to boost martial arts and their exploits captivated and fascinated wide-eyed audiences by the millions. Martial arts flourished the world over evident by the vast legion of fans and adherents. The brazen exploits on the screen. However, they are incongruous to the essence of the art, objectives of which are metaphysical and ironically focus on peace, harmony, and co-existence between man and the cosmos. Combat if at all associated with the art, is ethically restricted to self-defense. Chandra Shekhar Bhatt, while paying glowing tribute to bruce lee “the master”, attempts to rid misconceptions connected with martial arts and what better way than to author vajramukti, a book presenting a fusion of karate and mystic Indian discipline yoga, common in objective in seeking a higher plane in life en route to the search for absolute truth. Chandra Shekhar, a black belt in karate and an authority in yoga, emphasizes India's role in the origin of martial arts and traces the efforts of a Buddhist monk Bodhidharma in propagating it to china and the orient. Chandra Shekhar names his art vajramukti which means action to liberation---action in terms of using the techniques of yoga and karate---that are meant to an end---that of controlling mind and body, enhancing discipline and nonviolence. The benefits of vajramukti are manifold according to the author. Besides helping in metaphysical endeavors, the techniques endorsed help resist disease and even present sexual benefits. The book,with illustrations, touches on the history of the various martial arts disciplines, carries chapters on meditations and fasting, besides simple techniques in self-defense. Published by vajramukti yoga foundations the 128-page book was released by the rotary club, Mumbai at the gar-ware clubhouse.
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine? 
There is no routine as such but i make a point to scribble some thought coming daily and then I play flute to remove the crystallization of mind so it flows without conditioning.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you? 
Social media is the best today specially facebook.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it? 
Its matter of interest varies from individual to individual. Selling is dependent of people knowing you or exposure also word of mouth being the real one, off course reviews will help.
Q. What's the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you? 
Oh once someone in facebook said -Sir your works on Vjramukti saved my life and its understandings. That was great feelings to help mankind.
Q. What are your favorite three books, and why? 
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Tao of physics because they take you from technology to inquiry into morals.
Q. Who are your favorite three authors and what do you like the most about them? 
Oh there are many favorite authors i read but one name is rushing to my memory is 'John Gresham' author of 'The Firm', Richard Bach a pilot, Robert M Piercing the most what i like about them is depth on subject and quality and philosophy.
Q. Tell us about the books that you are currently writing and their progress. 
Currently I am working on my Autobiography and a book on metaphysical art of war
Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what's the worst thing about the book industry according to you? 
The worst thing about book industry was publishers asking money. With self publishing, its a great help to present your knowing to the world.
Q. Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life? 
Apart from writing, I want to be a good Martial artist, Philosopher and set up my art Vajramukti yoga schools around the world and help mankind.
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this? 
You are doing a great job to help mankind.
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers? 
Please help all being to give birth to their own ideas and help all writers so all feel the value of writing.

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Feeling the real Love on twenty-fourth anniversary of Vajramuktiyoga

Feeling the real Love on twenty-fourth anniversary of Vajramuktiyoga
That is Vajramukti Paper back and e book at Amazon

Generally Love is divided in two need love and gift love . Philosophically need love is not love at all because it's based on the need and when the need finishes or what one needs changes its form in space and time the Love subtly doesn't remain it becomes an attachment. So Gift love is the real Love but it is to be given by a higher being who has traversed higher planes gone beyond the state of mind and matter but when we pray for an understanding and by his grace it dawns unto us then our I ness changes and it takes us slowly towards Gift Love.  I believe that the love has to be given by such being who is beyond mind and matter so it's a gift love .I told my father about this love when he said about his mother's love which I have given in my book Who Am I? Who am I? Paper back
Who am I? Kindle and paperback links
the philosophical talks with my earthly father .I liked the way Mirdad expresses about love I will give it here so anyone can feel it although Love is beyond words
MIRDAD: Love is the Law of god. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of Man. And what is it to love but for the lover to absorb forever the beloved so that the twain be one? And whom, or what, is one to love? Is one to choose a certain leaf upon the Tree of Life and pour upon it all one’s heart? What of the branch that bears the leaf? What of the stem that holds the branch? What of the bark that shields the stem? What of the roots that feed the bark, the stem, the branches and the leaves? What of the soil embosoming the roots? What of the sun, and sea, and air that fertilize the soil? You say,’ But there be leaves and leaves upon a single tree. Some are healthy, some are sick; some are beautiful, some, ugly; some are giant, some are dwarfs. How can we help but pick and choose?’ I say to you, Out of the paleness of the sick proceeds the freshness of the healthy. I further say to you that ugliness is Beauty’s palette, paint and brush; and that the dwarf would not have been a dwarf had he not given of his stature to the giant. You are the Tree of Life. Beware of fractioning yourselves. Set not a fruit against a fruit, a leaf against a leaf, a bough against a bough; nor set the stem against the roots; nor set the tree against the mother-soil. That is precisely what you do when you love one part more than the rest, or to the exclusion of the rest. You are the Tree of Life. Your roots are everywhere. Your boughs and leaves are everywhere. Your fruits are in every mouth. Whatever be the fruits upon that tree; whatever be its boughs and leaves; whatever be its roots, they are your fruits; they are your leaves and boughs; they are your roots; if you would have the tree bear sweet and fragrant fruit, if you would have it ever strong and green, see to the sap wherewith you feed the roots. Love is the sap of Life. While hatred is the pus of Death. But Love, like blood, must circulate unhindered in the veins. Repress the blood, and it becomes a menace and a plague. And what is Hate but Love repressed, or Love withheld, therefore becoming such a deadly poison both to the feeder and the fed; both to the hater and to that he hates? A yellow leaf upon your tree of life is but a Love weaned leaf. Blame not the yellow leaf. A withered bough is but a Love-starved bough. Blame not the withered bough.  A putrid fruit is but a Hatred-suckled fruit. Blame not the putrid fruit. But rather blame your blind and stingy heart that would dole out the sap of life to few and would deny it to many, thereby denying it to itself. No love is possible except the love of self. No self is real save the all-embracing Self. Therefore is God all Love, because he loves Himself. So long as you are pained by Love, you have not found your real self, nor have you found the golden key of Love. Because you love an ephemeral self, you love is ephemeral. The love of man for woman is not love. It is thereof a very distant token. The love of parent for the child is but the threshold to Love’s holy temple. Till every man be every woman’s lover , and the reverse; till every child be every parent’s child, and the reverse, let men and women brag of flesh and bone clinging to flesh and bone, but never speak the sacred name of Love. For that is blasphemy. You have no friends so long you can count a single man as foe. The heart that harbors enmity how can it be a safe abode for friendship? You do not know the joy of Love so long as there is hatred in your hearts. Were you to feed all things the sap of Life except a certain tiny worm, that certain tiny worm alone would embitter your life. For in loving anything, or anyone, you love in truth but yourselves. Likewise, in hating anything, or anyone, you hate in truth but yourselves. For that which you hate is bound up inseparably with that which you love, like the face and the reverse of the same coin. If you would be honest with yourselves, then must you love what you hate and what hates you before you love what you love and what loves you. Love is not a virtue. Love is a necessity; more so than bread and water; more so than light and air. Let no one pride himself on loving. But rather breathe in love and breathe it out just as unconsciously and freely as your breathe in the air and breathe it out. For Love needs no one to exalt it. Love will exalt the heart that it finds worth of itself. Love neither lends nor borrows; Love neither buys nor sells; but when it gives, it gives it s all; and when it takes, it takes its all. It's very taking is a giving. It's very giving is a taking. Therefore is it the same to-day, to-morrow and forevermore. Just as a mighty river emptying itself in the sea is e’er replenished by the sea, so must you empty yourselves in Love that you may be ever filled with Love. The pool that would withhold the sea-gift from the sea becomes a stagnant pool. There is nor ‘more’ nor ‘less’ in Love . The moment you attempt to grade and measure Love it slips away leaving behind it bitter memories. Nor is there ‘now’ and ‘then’ , nor ‘here’ and ‘there’ in Love . All seasons are Love seasons. All spots are fit abodes for Love. Love knows no boundaries or bars. A love whose course is checked by any obstacle whatever is not yet worthy of the name of Love. I often hear you say that Love is blind, meaning that it can see no fault in the beloved. That kind of blindness is the height of seeing. Would you were always so blind as to behold no fault in anything. Nay, clear and penetrating is the eye of Love. Therefore, it sees no fault. When Love has purged your sight, then would you see nothing at all unworthy of your Love? Only a loveshorn, faulty eye is ever busy finding faults. Whatever fault it finds are only its own faults. Love integrates. Hatred disintegrates. This huge and ponderous mass of earth and rock which you call Altar Peak would quickly fly asunder were it not held together by the hand of Love. Even your bodies, perishable as they seem, could certainly resist disintegration did you but love each cell of them with equal zeal. Love is peace a throb with melodies of Life. Hatred is war agog with fiendish blasts of Death. Which would you: Love and be at everlasting peace? Or hate and be at everlasting war? The whole earth is alive in you. The heavens and their hosts are alive in you. So love the Earth and all her suckling if you would love yourselves. And love the Heavens and all their tenants if you would love yourselves. Why do you hate Naronda , Abimar ? Naronda: All were taken aback by so sudden a shift in the Master’s voice and course of thoughts; while Abimar and I were dumb-struck by so pointed a question about an estrangement between us which we carefully hid from all and had reasons to believe it was not detached by any. All looked upon the two of us in utter wonder and waited on the lips of Abimar. Abimar: (eying me in reproach) Did you, Naronda , tell the Master? Naronda: When Abimar has said ‘The Master’ , my heart melted in joy within me. For it was round that word that we had disagreed long before Mirdad revealed himself; I holding that he was a teacher come to enlighten men; and Abimar insisting, he was but a common man. MIRDAD: Look not askance upon Naronda, Abimar; for he is blameless of your blame. Abimar: Who told you, then? Can you read men’s minds too? MIRDAD: Mirdad needs nor spies nor interpreters. Did you but love Mirdad as he loves you, you could with ease read in his mind and see into his heart as well. Abimar: forgive a blind and a deaf man, Master. Open my eye and ear, for I am eager to see and to hear. MIRDAD: Love is the only wonder-worker. If you would see let love be in the pupil of the eye. If you would hear, let love be in the drum of the ear. Abimar: But I hate no man, not even Naronda . MIRDAD: Not-hating is not loving, Abimar . for Love is an active force; and save it guide your every move and step, you cannot find you way; and save it fill your every wish and thought , your wishes shall be nettles in your dreams; your thoughts shall be as dirges for your days. Now is my heart a harp , and I am moved to song. Where is your harp, good Zamora. Zamora: Shall I go and fetch it , Master? MIRDAD: Go, Zamora.  Naronda: Zamora instantly arose and went for the harp. The rest looked at each other in utter bewilderment and held their peace. When Zamora returned with the harp and Master gently took it from his hand, and bending over it in tenderness, carefully adjusted every string and then began to play and sing. MIRDAD: God is your captain, sail, my Ark! Though Hell unleash her furies red Upon the living and the dead, And turn the earth to molten lead, And sweep the skies of every mark, God is your captain, sail, my Ark! Love is your compass, ply, my ark! Go north and south, go east and west And share with all your treasure chest. The storm shall bear you on its crest A light for sailors in the dark. Love is your compass, ply, my Ark! Faith is your anchor, ride, my Ark! Should thunder roar, and lightning dart, And mountains shake and fall apart, And man become so faint of heart As to forget the holy spark, Faith is your anchor, ride, my ark! Naronda: The Master ceased and bent over the harp as bends a mother, love-entranced, over an infant at her breast. And though its strings no longer quivered, the harp continued to ring on ,’God is your captain, sail, my Ark!’ and though the Master’s lips were shut, his voice reverberated for a space thoughout the aerie and floated out in waves unto the rugged peaks about; unto the hills and vales below; unto the restless sea in the distance; unto the vaulted blue overhead. There were star showers and rainbows in that voice. There were quakes and gales along with soughing winds and song-intoxicated nightingales. There were heaving seas empalled with soft, dew-laden mist. And it seemed as if the whole of creation were listening thereto in thankful gladness. And it further seemed as if the Milky mountains range, with Altar Peak in the centre, had suddenly become detached from the Earth and were afloat in space, majestic, powerful and certain of its course. For three days thereafter, the Master spoke no word to any man.
We can write thousand pages book on Love yet love is a feeling to experience every part of the cosmos. God is ocean of Love and individual soul is the drop of that ocean if you read Kabir's book its name itself is Anuraagsagar meaning ocean of love God is the ocean of Love and we are drops of that ocean. Love flows from the simplicity of the heart and height of cultivation is simplicity Vajramukti my way of life is from that simplicity of heart from action to liberation please read and help all to grow in love to know thyself .
Real yoga paperback book link
Real yoga Kindle book
Tao of Electricity
Why fights wars happen Kindle book
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·         I’ve dropped out of regular learning
·         from WhatsApp Education Academy
·         I will now be dabbler, an occasional
·         visitor, an irregular scholar
·         I have decided to manage my own
·         consumption of information
·         Away from device dependency, 
·         I will regain my ability to remember
·         and store memories 
·         And Give myself more time 
·         For contemplation, time-in-nature, 
·         reading and face-to-face 
·         social interaction 
·         I will pay attention to my dwindling
·         attention span 
·         and recover my short-term, long-term, 
·         episodic, procedural and 
·         semantic memory.
·         And spurn incapacitating deficits 
·         of cognition – 
·         like diminishing memory, 
·         anxiety and depression
·         I will increase my brainpower and
·         elevate my mind
·         I will raise my levels of awareness
·         of my surroundings; the emerging 
·         crisis of our environment. 
·         And of our minds.
·         And become more humane.
·         I will immerse myself in, and remain,
·         in the present, and nurture my senses
·         of sight, sound, smell and touch.
·         And be receptive to reasoning, 
·         creativity, compassion and wisdom
·         Away from WhatsApp 
·         Education Academy, 
·         I will challenge and enhance 
·         my healthy brain. 
·         Negate the decline in my creative 
·         thinking and empathetic concern. 
·         And increase my understanding, 
·         my perceptivity, my sensitivity 
·         and my imagination